How to find Emergency Hospital in japan


When your kid has a high fever in the middle of the night it can be so difficult to get information about which hospital you can go to.

If you call the hospital directly it’s not so efficient and you *shouldn’t* just go to hospital! They might not even be able to check your kid.
Here are 3 ways to find an emergency hospital:

Tokyo fire department  救急相談センター

■TEL: #7119
if you can’t connect to this number these numbers are available too:



※When the machine tells you the hospital name and telephone number it talks really fast! So if you have recorder app on your phone I recommend using it.

■Region: Tokyo

■Reception time: 24hours

■Service Description: When you get injured, should I call the ambulance? Should I go to the hospital? That kind of situation. You can call 救急相談センター.



東京医療機関案内サービス ひまわり

■東京都保健医療情報センター 24時間医療機関案内

TEL: 03-5272-0303

■Region: Tokyo

■Reception time: 24hours

■Service Description: They can give you information about which hospitals are available to treat your medical issue (due to strict specializations, most hospitals don’t have a doctor for every type of care available after hours or on holidays, especially when it comes to children).

 引用:東京医療機関案内サービス ひまわりホームページより抜粋

■Site language: English available

here is the link for the English version:

引用:東京医療機関案内サービス ひまわりホームページより


■TEL: #8000

■Region: Japan

■Reception time: Depends on the Municipality.

■Age: 1 month to 6 years old

■Service Description: You can get advice from Pediatric doctor or nurse. They can give you the hospital options too.

If you click your city, it will show you the reception time.

I hope this information helps you!