things I love: the new Freshly Picked diaper bag

image from Freshly Picked Kickstarter campaign

Freshly Picked is killing it these days – maybe even more than usual. It’s like they’re in my head, releasing products that I absolutely can’t ignore. Classic Care Bears print anything? Take my money. Pandas? Take my money! A simple, lightweight, hands-free bag to hold my laptop and all my baby stuff when I return to work? Take. My. Money.

image from Freshly Picked Kickstarter campaign 

The new diaper bag is headlining a Kickstarter campaign that, at the time of this writing, is still in it’s “early bird” phase with extra discounts and rewards that will expire within the next 24 hours. But even if you’re finding out about it after that window closes, the bag will be offered at $150 during the Kickstarter vs. $175 when it releases through the Freshly Picked website in November. Other comments in the FAQ also mention that there may be additional colors or features added depending on the amount of fundraising, so if you get in during the pre-order phase the bag might even be better than it is now by the time it ships!

Even though mochi tried to make me promise that I’d sell some of our other moccs (sorry, won’t do it) if I pledged enough to get the panda moccs exclusive to the Kickstarter (which I did), even he couldn’t deny that the bag looks like the perfect solution for a commute that includes a day care run along with a typical – read: super crowded – Tokyo subway ride.

For the past few years I’ve been using a Kanken backpack, which I like because it’s lightweight and easy to use.

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The downside of the Kanken is that it can be a bit casual for work, especially if I have a meeting on my way into or out of the office, and the place where the straps meet the bottom of the bag has a tendency to chew up sweaters. I still love it for outings with the kids that require more stuff than I can bring in a small cross-body bag, but have been looking for something that’s a bit more work friendly.

Do you have a work and/or diaper bag that you love? Where is it from and what makes it work so well for you?