things I love: Re-Play tabeleware for kids


I struggle a little with kids tableware. On one hand, I want to keep things simple and on the other hand, I have a soft spot for character nonsense like Winnie the Pooh bowls. We have a few seasonal dishes that we use with our little guy, otherwise I mostly put his food in a few wooden dishes (links to my favorites below) or these small bowls from Biobu:

[amazonjs asin=”B01ANEE0BW” locale=”JP” tmpl=”Small” title=”【正規輸入品】 ビオブ バイ エコボ ボウル ブラック S”]

[amazonjs asin=”B00WW87UUQ” locale=”JP” tmpl=”Small” title=”ミッフィーフェイスプレートセット 竹製食器 FUNFAM”]

[amazonjs asin=”B00OUX5H2E” locale=”JP” tmpl=”Small” title=”【正規輸入品】 ACACIA ウッドプレート WOODEN PLATE Natural S AA-001NT”]

Aesthetics aside, sometimes I feel like divided plates are too restrictive – things don’t fit properly or having so many spaces to fill seems to overcomplicate things – but a big plate is too big, a small bowl is too small. I’m the Goldilocks of children’s plates. So it was with some skepticism that I decided to try a set of tableware from Re-Play, which are made in the USA from recycled milk jugs.

We’ve been using them for a few weeks and really like everything so far. When the divided plate isn’t the right choice, the bowl works perfectly, but the plate has held everything from half a sandwich to a serving of soup thanks to its depth. Best of all, our preschooler loves eating from this set and seems motivated to clear out each section. He’s always used metal silverware and the thicker plastic utensils seem clumsy to me in comparison, but he seems to prefer them and hasn’t struggled at all.

We went for gender-neutral prime colors, but I’m tempted to expand our collection and am torn between getting white or some of the aqua assortments. It’s definitely easiest to get them in the US or a country with a local stockist, but you might find some sellers online who will ship internationally (at the time of writing, it looks like Re-Play doesn’t). I’ve found a few on Amazon in Japan if you don’t mind the markup:

[amazonjs asin=”B007HZBOFG” locale=”JP” tmpl=”Small” title=”Re-Play Divided Plates (Set of 3, Green/ Orange/ Aqua)”]

Which are your favorite tableware sources for little kids? Do you have much success with divided plates?