things I love: Tubby Todd natural baby soaps and lotions


I have sensitive skin and need to be especially careful about fragrance, so I’ve used some standby unscented products for most of my life and hesitate to change things up. Once I started shopping for baby products, I was surprised by how many are scented to smell “baby fresh” – even diapers! – and found that some “natural” baby products still contain oils or ingredients that aggravate my skin. So while we try to avoid parabens and other icky preservatives, we often use the best formulas we can find from brands (Aveeno, Cetaphil, Aquaphor) that are least likely to give me a reaction, since everything my kids use, I use – and vice versa.

After following the Tubby Todd buzz on social media for a solid year or so, I decided to take advantage of their semi-annual sale to finally give their products a try. I got a basics bundle and tube of hand cream from their “mama” line. They’ve recently updated the labels to be more colorful, but I think the black and white designs are also really cute! Even mochi was impressed by the packaging.

We’ve gradually been introducing the products and so far everything is great. I absolutely love the hair & body wash for the kiddos, the smell is kind of outdoorsy and comforting – mochi thinks the fragrance is similar to the Aesop hand soap that he loves, which was another happy surprise. I’ve even begun using this on myself when rinsing off after the pool.

I also like all of the creams, especially the dream cream and all over ointment. Simple hand washing and routine chores like washing dishes, handling wet laundry or wiping down surfaces wreak havoc on my hands, causing housewives’ eczema – which gets especially painful around my cuticles. I’m forever trying to find a cream to soothe that chapped feeling and heal my skin before things get too bad and while I’m nervous that I might jinx it, so far these creams have worked so well!

The dream cream is thick, like you’d expect of a hand cream but the all over ointment is even richer, but without the oily sheen that you sometimes get from something so buttery or moisturizing and it’s not chalky like many diaper creams. In just a few weeks, the ointment has been amazing to help with mild sunburn, a weird dry spot on our son’s back, tired heels, an irritated baby bum and to relieve that “tight” feeling on my hands after too much soap. I’m keeping the mama hand cream next to the kitchen sink, since the fresh ginger and lime scent seems especially at home there, but I think the lighter shea butter and mint scent from the basics line is my preference.

We’ve used a few spritzes of baby fresh spray on me and the babe, and just recently started using the everyday lotion but so far, so good with both. The only product we haven’t used yet is the bubble bath, which is a bit of a bummer since I’m really keen to see if it’s something I can enjoy as well – after a childhood without bubbles, I wouldn’t mind finding a nice smelling bath product! We tend to take more quick showers and less baths in the summer, but I’ll update here when we’ve given it a try.

At this stage, I think it’s safe to say that I’m converted to the body wash, dream cream and all over ointment. They’re not shipping to Japan just yet, but hopefully they will soon!

What are your favorite skincare products for your kiddos? Does your family have any allergies or sensitivities that impact your choices?