How to throw away sodaigomi (oversized garbage) cheaply in JAPAN



Sometimes you need to throw away sodaigomi (oversized garbage) like old shelves or big kids’ toys. You usually need to buy a sticker and make a reservation to throw away those things on the street.


But depending on the city you live in, you might be able to throw away a few things for a discount (or freely!) when you bring them to the dump on your own. This depends on the city, so it’s worth checking.


Here are the sodaigomi centers in Tokyo: 粗大ゴミ受付センター



For example, if you click on Minato-ku above, you can see ① 粗大ゴミ持ち込み制度のご案内 on their sodaigomi page. It gives information about the process if you deliver the garbage yourself.



if you click ① you can check more information.


You can get a discount for bringing it to the garbage center yourself! Here are the fee adjustments:

400円⇒0円、 800円⇒400円、 1,200円⇒ 600円、 2,000円⇒1,000円、 2,800円⇒1,400円

※as of 2018.1


This time I introduced Tokyo’s system but other cities usually have bigger discounts, so maybe you should ask the sodaigomi center. When you google it these words might help you: 粗大ゴミ 持ち込み制度 (your town name)


I hope this information helps your life in Japan !