things I love: Freshly Picked x Care Bears


Two of my favorite things, Freshly Picked moccs and Care Bears have come together to make the most amazing, adorable, nostalgic little shoes I’ve ever seen.

We were reloading the website right at launch time and by the time my PayPal had processed we’d lost the all-over-print moccasins, they sold out in barely 3 minutes! Luckily FP decided to offer a pre-order option, so we’ll get those in a few weeks and our yellow Funshine print have already shipped. I’m a little heartsick that our son is a size too big for the Grumpy Bear moccs, especially since he’s more a fan of the Care Bears at this stage than the baby, but he understands (and is taking it better than I am).

As I write this, pre-order is still available for all 5 styles in the Care Bears line, but there’s a limit so don’t hesitate another minute!

UPDATE: Our Funshine Bear moccs have arrived and they’re so cute! I can’t wait for them to fit our littlest.

There’s so much attention to detail, from the little red Care Bears heart logo on the side of the shoe to the embossed heart on the sole.