things I love: Gathre mat


I saw these beautiful leather mats from Gathre a year or two ago but only just bought one. Why did I wait so long? It’s the type of purchase that’s not only regret-free, it makes you want to buy additional colors, sizes and styles.

We debated the midi and maxi sizes – the midi would be lighter and easier to carry around, maybe also easier to use in crowded situations like sports day at school, but the maxi would allow us to spread out and share the space with more people, giving us room for the kids to nap and play on the mat as well. In the end, we chose the square maxi and we’ve been using it almost every day of our summer vacation. It’s 81 inches sq. (about 206 cm sq), so even an adult can lie on it without their toes hanging over the edge. The maxi is pretty heavy, but considering how much we like using it, we don’t mind the extra weight.

If you’re also wondering which size to choose, this video might help:

There are also a wide variety of solid and patterned color options, with new collaborations and seasonal releases expanding the range. Ours is ivy, a soft green. The mat is lovely to look at, but the leather is also soft to the touch. It feels like such a luxurious way to sit on the ground and because it’s easily wipeable/waterproof we don’t have to worry about dirty feet or toddlers in drippy bathing suits. There are no tags or labels on the mat; the logo is stamped neatly in the corner and care instructions are available in the FAQ section of the Gathre website.

I’m also a sucker for beautiful packaging and we loved the way our mat looked straight out of the box. There’s even a peek-a-boo cutout detail that allows you to see and touch the mat before opening it.

I love finding products that are just as beautiful as they are practical, but I love it even more when they come from a small business. These bonded leather mats from Gathre definitely check all the boxes and can be shipped internationally to many countries, including Japan. Next on my wishlist is the playmat, which falls between the mini and midi in size… and maybe a micro, too.

Do you think a Gathre mat would work well for your family? Which size would you choose?